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>Treadmill Games

>I started to mess with the incline. When you increase the incline, you burn more calories, and I am shamelessly addicted to watching that calorie counter climb. The first day I was able to hang on at about 2.5% for about 30 minutes. When I came back the next day I thought, “I can do better,” and I did. Day 2: 3.0% for an hour, and 500 calories were gone just like that. Day 3: I was on a tight time budget, and in 20 minutes, I did a little over a mile, but left about 250 calories on that treadmill. Today I set a new record for myself. I went for an hour at 6.0% on 3.0, and stepped off that beast having burned 650 calories. In one hour I burned off breakfast, the protein snack I was about to have and the cheese stick I would have later before dinner.

I also have a little fun altering my stride depending on the song. For example: “Rock Your Body” has a strong base line that is consistent with the exception of a few back beats that actually add a nice dimension to the game. Yes, I think of it as a game. I walk to the beat of the song, and add the few quick steps on the backbeat when it comes up. I can feel this working my muscles differently, and it forces me to take longer strides.

Another game is The Bicep Builder. With a good incline going, I lean back just a bit, and hold the position while I walk, or pull myself forward ever so slightly. It takes about 10 minutes before I start to feel it working. This is a way to work a little arm action in since the treadmill doesn’t have the “ski poles” that the elliptical does.

Next time… a high protein snack that sounds weird, tastes weirder, and why you want it after a work out.

Until then…….


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