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>Well, here we are on another lovely Sunday, you reading my latest post with salivating anticipation, me spouting wonderful poetic nonsense about my latest workout….OK, so maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. I mean, me, spout poetic nonsense? Ridiculous!!

Alright, alright, enough goofing around. Time to get down to business.

Thus far I have lost 9.8 pounds. Yes, that is correct, 9.8 pounds just since March 2nd. After possibly the worst day on Wednesday (3/25/09), when I went to the gym on Thursday I thought, “Why not weigh yourself and round out the week?” I was fully expecting a gain of at least a pound, possibly two (I’ll admit, I did eat upwards of four home-made chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday. I was feeling very much in the crapper, and felt a little self destructive by the time I got home that day.) So you can imagine my surprise when I hopped on the scale and saw a difference of negative 1.2 lbs. Though I did still curse those cookies, I could have been at 10 plus pounds lost, but oh well, another day then…

In other fabulous fitness news, Monday marked a milestone for me. In the whole body workout that I endeavor to do every day, but sometimes fall short of achieving, I was instructed by Angel (the trainer) to do the entire workout three times. Let me tell you, there were days where I struggled to do even one circuit. Most days I could get through it twice, but by the end of that last Double Leg Extension, my body was in full revolt, and every muscle, nerve, and pore was screaming at me, “Stop now! For the love of all that is good and holy, please STOP NOW!!” But on Monday, I just lay there after the 15th DLE in the second circuit and rested for a minute. Then I sat up and did the whole thing again. I was so sweaty that my glasses steamed up a bit, but I didn’t care. I felt so good after doing that third and thus far elusive circuit. I can’t even begin to describe how awesome I felt.

Since then I have done the full body through three circuits every time, and I have to say, that thrill of accomplishment is still very strong. It may have taken almost a month to get built up to it, but now that I have, there is no going back.

That would appear to be all I had for today, so…

Until next time…


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